Proacón's quality policy guarantees that the end product is safe, reliable and that it meets all applicable specifications, standards and codes. To support said policy, the company is in the process of certifying its quality management system according to standard ISO 9001:2000.

Proacón has established a Quality Assurance Plan for each project. The plan provides for, among other aspects, the revision of the project with regard to deficiencies, ambiguities, improvement proposal, etc., as well as a control of documents and inspections upon receipt of materials and subsequent tracking of these materials. Furthermore, inspections are carried out from the beginning to the end of the execution of each construction project unit.

The plan also makes it possible to guarantee that all personnel participating in each of the project's phases has the qualifications with regard to the necessary training and experience, and a methodology has been established to evaluate suppliers and subcontractors. All of this guarantees that each and every project requirement and the clients' expectations are fulfilled.

Proacón is aware of the importance of protecting the environment and the surroundings where it performs its activities. To do so, it is implementing and certifying an environmental management system based on standard ISO 14001.

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