Proacón has a staff that is technically highly qualified with extensive experience that professionally contributes toward the development of projects of any scope and complexity.

As always, work safety and the prevention of occupational hazards has been one of Proacón fundamental pillars. The company makes its employees participate in preventive safety management by establishing a series of commitments and directives that they manditorily follow. These commitments are stated in its Health and Safety Policy which is developed through the establishment of a Health and Safety Plan for each project, among other actions taken.

During the execution of each project, several different safety audits are also performed by an entity that collaborates with the General Directorate of Mines. This entity evaluates the parameters that may have an impact on workers' health and safety conditions.

Proacón's commitment to occupational hazard prevention is consolidated certification for its Occupational Health and Safety System according to specification OHSAS 18.001, that makes it possible to optimize the Management System's performance and minimize the risks associated with the activity, thus obtaining a continuous improvement of working conditions.

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